With Tiffany Haddish hosting the 2018 Movie & TV Awards, Paramount Networks asked us to develop and execute a co-branded spot for Nobody's Fool as part of their cross-channel strategy. Our strategic goal was to drive MTV & VH1 viewers to the theater, even if they were unfamiliar with Paramount's movie slate.

The Paramount team asked that we write simple liners for a 15-minute tag-on shoot that Tiffany could deliver without a prompter and without memorization prep time.  We used a strategic approach to write short, quippy lines for Tiffany that linked Nobodys' Fool to the two primary properties that were on MTV & VH1's air at the time. By using our liner shoot footage, footage from Nobody's Fool, and footage from MTV/VH1 properties, we were able to excite viewers from a diverse set of audiences.