jersey shore:
family vacation
part 2

Our launch for Jersey Shore Family Vacation Part 2 was an all-encompassing campaign that started with the launch of the new season and has continued through episodics. For the launch, I worked in a small team, and we were challenged to sell the season as equally humorous as the past seasons while also showcasing the cast's return to "real life" situations. 

As the campaign moved into episodics, our writing team pared back to two writers. Our through-season strategy was to pair dramatic moments with comedic language in our :20 and :10 episodics while showcasing the lighthearted situational humor in our short five-second bumpers. 

Working on this project allowed me the opportunity to create a campaign from the very beginning to the very end. As such, I was able to develop diverse spots with diverse language at varying lengths, strengthening my ability to convey a narrative regardless of duration.